Eventproductie, showproductie en/of technische productie

TMF Awards (631)      RBC 2010 2     _MG_0957

TMF Award Festival Rotterdam ’09     Royal Beach Concert 2010                 Girls First Concert – PLAN Nederland

Event producer – A&A Concerts         Veiligheid en vergunning AT Events    Showproductie – AT Events

Horeca      Beatstad 2010 2     129

Royal Beach Concert 2009                  Beatstad 2009                                  Kinder Parkpop 2009

Horeca begeleiding                             Event producer en vergunning            Event, technische productie en vergunning


MP PMP                               de pan zelf                                         gradfool-f2

Matthaus Passion remix                        TMF Awards Festival 2010                     Album Graduated Fool – Anouk

Productie management                          Event producer en veiligheid                   Project management


Dossier gesloten 3     2012 - Beatstad-3 Artist villa      Beatstad (471)

Dossier Gesloten                              Becauce I’m A Girl concert                Beatstad 2012

Locatie producer                               Showproducer                                   Event producer en Veiligheid

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Tour en Productie Manager van o.a.:

tina turner 24 7          Oebele poster        O      2007 Tokyo

Tina Turner 24/7 EU Tour        Oebele de Musical                   Within Temptation            Within Temptation

Promotion tourmanager           Tourmanagement                     Tourmanagement             Tour en Productie management

World Online – Companions     2x theatertour – Stok & Co       Beursgebouw                   World Tour – ‘Japan’


enschede2004      cirque eloize       MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Anouk Theater Tour (3x)                         Cirque Eloize                            Frans Bauer in t Sportpaleis

Tour en Productiemanagement                Tour & Company management   Tourmanagement

Hans Klok01      Snowshow    2002 Anouk 2

Hans Klok theatertour                         Slava’s Snow Snow                      Anouk

Tour en Productiemanagement            Tour en Company management     Management (Interim )


IMG00101-20100426-2038postmen 2008 New York   hom4

Within Temptation                      Postman theatertour                    Within Temptation US Tour           Tom Parker Kersttour

Tour en Productiemanagement    Tourmanagement                        Tour en Productiemanagement      Tourmanagement

One other note of caution, Wholesale China Jerseys many times the strategic component is confused with the defensive component. The game of checkers has a strategic component; however it does not have a defensive component. You jumped into your limo with a group of people and drove away. And two guys were found stabbed and killed, and you were charged with double murder.. Had the 49ers been tiptoeing around this clash of politics and sport as we know the British sporting establishment would then head coach Chip Kelly might tokenistically have sent Kaepernick on against wholesale Jerseys the Cardinals. Symbolic gestures were not required though, because no one needs to be told that Kelly and the 49ers have his back.. Some cleats. Especially if you play on a grass surface. The company is maturing its technology and sales towards servicing the high end sports market. Companies like Under Armour (NYSE:UA), Columbia Sportswear (NASDAQ:COLM). It is rather sociologically interesting to know why some coffee addicts are not considered to be drug users in some places and societies. In some cultures, use of marijuana is accepted, but consuming wholesale jerseys coffee and alcohol are not. A typical WOD might have the athlete complete as many repetitions as possible for three given movements in 10 to 15 minute windows. Athletes can develop these skills with the program comprehensive strength training regimen. 3. Without Brady, the Patriots figured to start the season 2 2 behind backup Jimmy Garoppolo a QB situation that eventually also included rookie Jacoby Brissett once Garoppolo got injured. The Jets Brandon Marshall defended Colin Kaepernick decision to sit during the national anthem in Cheap NFL Jerseys a conversationwith Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton of WFAN Boom and Carton Show. Last week, Esiason blasted cheap ray bans Kaepernick, calling his protest of the most disgraceful displays I ever seen by a professional athleteon his field of play. We could see a slide cheap jerseys for the Chargers signal caller.9. Dak Prescott, CowboysPrescott cracks the top 10 for the first time all season. Ticket sales have been slow for the match, which kicks off at 3pm local time to give it prime billing at 8pm in the United Kingdom, and so clashes with the working day for many locals. The city does have a football following, as recognised by David Beckham’s decision to establish a MLS franchise here, but this will be one of the rare occasions when England do not play in front of a full house.. No, they didn’t hike up their pants to their nipples and start watching Jay Leno. But as they left the study, they walked slower than the students who were given neutral words earlier. Man to Man: Fake Oakleys It is a simple enough concept. Each player is allotted one forward and they should mark him all the time.

Producer en/of Project manager:

Kopspijkers   2001 Tante Sousa in London 3  2001 Pokemon Film Premiere

OPM – UNITED – VARA                 Productieleider Made By Muriloff         Productieleider Made By Muriloff

“Kopspijkers”                                  “Tante Soesa in London”                     Pokemon the Movie premiere


1998 Violet team    1998 Tip Culinair team    1996 Eigen huis en tuin team

OPM – UNITED – KRO                    OPM – UNITED -RTL 4                     OPM – UNITED – RTL4

Talkshow                                         “Tip Culinair”                                    “Eigen Huis en Tuin”


1994 kooktv                     1998 Beach Volleyvoetbal finale Curacao 1                      2000 Fox Vakanties - Filipijnen 2 Josephine, Jos en Max

OPM – UNITED – RTL4                                    OPM – UNITED                                 Productieleider – Made By Muriloff

“Kook TV”                                                        “Beach soccer – Curacao”                   “Fox Reizen”

1999 Nokia Challange Santa Claus      Peugeot     flashback 2

Productie – MTV – TMF                     Productie – Captijn en Heidinga      Productie – Companions

Nokia Artict Challange                        Introductie Peugeot 207                 Marlboro Flashbacks

2000 Fox Vakanties - Singapore 2 Hans Klok     1999 Artic expedition-2   1997 Eigen Huis en Tuin 1

“FOX Vakantie” – Singapore               “Nokia Artic Ultimate Challange”       “Eigen huis en tuin”

LEMOULT: Not much of any really he was pretty much stone faced as he waited for the jury to read the verdict. And then when they said he was guilty of first degree murder, his expression just didn’t change at all. Robby made a great play, understood the coverage and went to our http://www.cheapjerseysselling.com landmark and he was able to finish that off.”The Jets went three and out on their next possession, and then Hackenberg made a rookie mistake in his third series.On third and 7 from the Jets 5, Hackenberg threw an ill advised pass cheap oakleys over the middle that was deflected by Davon Coleman and intercepted by Andrew Adams. Two plays later, the Giants scored the go ahead touchdown, an 11 yard pass from Ryan Nassib to Tavarres King.”That’s something I’ve got to learn from,” Hackenberg said. So she’s just gonna start off very slowly here, plant, pivot, and then rotate this way and she’s just assessing how the knee is feeling. Now again, cheap fake oakleys if there’s any popping, if there’s any pain, if there’s any discomfort you want to back off a little bit. That said, today, I’m feeling more like an American Mexican. What did it, for me, is something that should be considered an unfortunate side effect to World Cup fever: The ugly nationalism that the games sometimes bring out in fans with divided loyalties. So the bottom line is, they don’t care. Player safety doesn’t matter, in this case because in the end, you’re still going to watch the game. They all beat up on each other, so the computers and the pollsters are seduced into promoting Yankee and prairie teams with easier http://www.cheapjerseys2013.com schedules. In this cockeyed system, the deck is stacked against the Replica Oakleys Southeastern Conference.. We earn the after tax and fee returns of these instruments. And this is where the idea of “average” gets muddled.. cheap football jerseys MLS began in 1996 with 10 teams and will be up to 20 when Manchester City’s New York City FC franchise opens in 2015. This is not many in such a huge country and there are obvious gaps notably in the south east.. There are also some portable fish finders that need no mounting at all. The Humminbird SmartCast series has a remote sensor fish finder that is wireless. Lymphoplasmacytic cell infiltrates were seen throughout the inner retina length, and around blood vessels (Figure 2a1 arrowheads), even at sites distant from the subretinal bleb. Focal regions of atrophy (asterisk), and perivascular cell infiltrates (arrowheads) were present but were surrounded by well preserved retina.Retinal transduction efficiencyrAAV2 GFP expression was observed with and without immunolabeling in all eyes, and was limited, predominantly, cheap jordan to rods in the retinal region where the subretinal bleb was formed (Figure 3).

Technicus van o.a.:

1977 - Radio tech RANO Amsterdam-2     1990 - Transport ENG - HEnk Eissens 1990      1990 - Vinger ad Pols 2 - Gert Reijmerink - St Maarten Kliniek

Ziekenomroep RANO Amsterdam        ENG Technicus – “Transport”             ENG Technicus Vinger a/d Pols

met Simon Woestenburg                     met Henk Eissens                            met Gert Reymerink

1991 Borobudur Java ENG                      1991 NAM werkeiland Noordzee 1                    1993 Outfit TV 1 - Max en John 94

ENG Technicus                                 ENG Technicus                                  ENG Technicus

Service Salon Indonesie                    “de NAM op de Noordzee”                    “OUTLOOK TV”

1992 Cannes Forza 2       1992 Bloembollen for USA - ENG       1992 Bloembollen op transport 1 - ENG

ENG Technicus                                  ENG Technicus                               ENG Technicus

“Te land, te zee en door de lucht”         “Forza TV” in Cannes                       “Tulips for the USA”

1990 Kiruna -abseillesje 3                  1990 Foto Hester Doove Truckener Kecks - Pauze TV  - Max Rauch             1993 Alles Kits 2 - Huib, Bas Westerweel

ENG Technicus                                         ENG Technicus Pauze TV *         ENG Technicus

Poolsurvival Kiruna                              Met Max Rauch, Truckener Kecks      ” Alles Kits”

* Foto © Hester Doove, gemaakt voor Pauze TV.


He was attended to by trainers on the field for a couple minutes before going to the locker room. Hoyer was 4 of 11 for 49 yards.. AT expects 2015 total free cash flow to increase to at least $15 billion (because they get DIRECTV’s free cash flows now) and they will only pay around $11.6 billion per year in dividends going forward because of the way they structured the deal. It’s a clever short term fix, but it is not a long term solution considering the declines the satellite TV industry is facing. This is no over statement; despite being the pinnacle of the human race’s advancement the internet is a backwards place. On the internet, the international human rights movement never happened, people are immediately judged and abused for arbitrary reasons, and all the women are Fake Oakleys too busy travelling between the bedroom and the kitchen to discount football jerseys play games. We note that the resistive hump around 100K is slightly shifted to lower temperatures with increasing pressure, providing further evidence for an Replica Oakleys enhancement of the Kondo interaction. Magnetic order may Replica Oakleys Sunglasses sale occur at higher pressures beyond the QCP, which needs to be confirmed by measurements at higher pressures and lower temperatures.. The offensive engine in the first half of the 2016 season has been running back Spencer Ware, but he’s out after suffering a concussion. Starting left guard Parker Ehinger is out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL.. Despite sharing a name with a prince of Hell and a terrifying metal band, Belphegor is actually a calm, slow moving thriller about a costumed criminal who pretends to be a phantom haunting the Louvre so he can rob it. It’s basically a 1920s version of Scooby Doo, if it was directed by Darren Aronofsky.. For example, the purpose of this organization is to organize sports activities for underprivileged children in the community. The main activities are the organization of various sport teams and leagues and the conduct of fund raising activities to raise funds for the various teams and leagues.. Authentic Jerseys Sale So what will happen? Most likely, commentators say, much huffing and puffing, bans on a number of players and some slap across the wrist for the university. But no one wants to seriously injure, let alone kill, the goose that lays such golden eggs. However, serious golfers will want an app that can track their handicaps, provide information on a particular course and help them improve their games. We hope this article provided some good options.. The way we arrive Replica ray bans at this is that 7 is considered a spread that a favorite would receive. +2 is a spread that an underdog would get. It selects one or more suppliers, issues purchase orders and monitors the quality of the products supplied. Critical success factors in the business market include customization capabilities, quality, performance, ease of use Fake ray bans and personal relationships..



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Na bijna 10 on the road te zijn geweest en ruim 20 jaar voor mijn werk met grote regelmaat in een vliegtuig te zijn gestapt, was het tijd om het dichterbij huis te gaan zoeken. Het is nu alweer bijna 5 jaar geleden dat ik de festivals en evenementen zelf kon opzetten en produceren. Een prachtige uitbreiding van wat ik al die jaren als tourende producer kon ervaren. Deze kennis heeft veel bijgedragen tot het in de puntjes verzorgen van een festival of evenement. Als event producer waren mijn verantwoordelijkheden; begroting maken en bewaken, inhuren materialen, intekenen van de locatie op schaal, technische productie, inhuur en aansturen personeel, vergunning aanvragen en begeleiden, artist handling en alles wat er nog meer gedaan moest worden.

klik voor meer info
klik voor meer info

On tour, een productioneel, logistieke en management uitdaging en zeker met artiesten in een internationale werkomgeving.Het verzorgen van de technische voorbereiding, het transport, het verblijf, de crew en de band was iedere dag een feest om aan te werken. De communicatie met het buitenland was niet altijd zoals je dat graag ziet, maar die tegenslagen leveren natuurlijk weer goeie verhalen op voor bij de BBQ.

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Als Operationeel Project manager was ik verantwoordelijk voor de technische invulling van veel TV programma’s. Ook personeel, ARBO/veiligheid, planning budgetbewaking waren belangrijke onderdelen van mijn functie. Tevens betrokken bij de opleiding van vele AV collega’s van United.

klik voor meer info
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foto ©Hester Doove

Als technicus vele jaren actief geweest voor radio en TV programma’s. Naast het verzorgen van het geluid waren bijkomende ondersteunde zaken in licht, grip, decor en andere productionele zaken heel normaal. Meerder jonge geluidsmensen opgeleid en begeleid tot ervaren AV technici.

klik voor meer info
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10 gewerkt als verkoper professioneel audio en video apparatuur bij Raf Hifi Stereo/Raf Professional. Was daar verantwoordelijk voor de inkoop van de professionele apparatuur. En als adviseur veel professionele klanten van Raf geholpen met hun aankoop en investeringen. In deze periode als vrijwilliger betrokken bij Ziekenomroep RANO Amsterdam.

Over mij

Mijn eerste foto’s op jonge leeftijd gemaakt met instant camera, als tiener mijn eerste Nikon (Nikkonmat FT) spiegel reflex camera gekocht met standaard lens en kleine telelens. Later uitgegroeid tot een reeks van drie spiegel reflex camera’s, met verschillende lenzen, waaronder één mini spiegelreflex camera (Pentax auto 110) met 110 film voor onderweg. Eind jaren 80 is deze passie wat naar achteren gegaan door mijn werkzaamheden als projectmanager voor TV en later als tourmanager. Tijdens deze werkzaamheden was er weinig tijd voor het bijhouden van het maken en ontwikkelen van foto’s. Begin 2000 kocht ik, voor de Tina Turner 24/7 tour, mijn eerste Digitale Sony camera (Sony Digital Mavica serie – 3,5 inch floppy) waarbij de liefde en passie in een rap tempo terug kwam. Sinds een 2009 kwam er voldoende tijd vrij (ik reisde aanzienlijk minder) om fotograferen weer serieus op te oppakken.

220px-Nikon_Nikomat_FT_01       thumb1_13fcd71c-be76-11e3-9c14-b07984281cb4                    220px-Pentax_110_Winder       220px-Pentax_Auto_110               12._sony_mavica

Sinds dien maak ik geregeld foto’s in opdracht of maak ik foto’s voor eigen projecten. Veel van deze projecten hebben het daglicht nog niet gezien omdat ze nog niet af zijn. Andere, zoals Man @ Work, beginnen een vorm te krijgen die richting eindfase kunnen doorschuiven.
Er gaat geen dag voorbij of ik maak één of meerdere foto’s of bewerk ik ze. Altijd ben ik opzoek naar leuke nieuwe projecten waar ik kan instappen of aan kan meewerken. Ook is het vergaren van kennis, inspiratie en ervaring een doorlopend proces.

Het geeft mij voldoening om creatieve energie zichtbaar te maken in al zijn vormen

Ruime ervaring in het maken van een beeldreportage/portret van een ondernemer, bedrijf, sportevenement en/of festival  ten behoeve van Website, Marketing en andere uitingen.

Als je de onderstaande Picasa link volgt, dan kom je in een besloten foto map. Met hierin een aantal verschillende foto sessies; redactioneel, sport, festival, sfeer, bedrijfsuitjes, backstage reportage, portret foto’s, theatervoorstellingen, technische reportage.


Zie ook mijn profiel op LinkedIN.

LinkedIn-Logo-2C                picasa

BLOCK: Rod Brooks of Arlington, Virginia had a different take. He writes this as a cheap ray bans 24 year old black man and an avid football fan, I’ve been appalled by the media’s overtly biased, ratings driven coverage of the assault on Janay Rice. They used to have shooting competitions there which involved hitting a chicken egg from a football cheap nfl jerseys field away. So guess what happened when the British showed up in the jungle in their bright, hugely visible red coats?. Belly button in towards your spine. And again, hold that for a couple of seconds. We use the Internet a lot; we look to local bloggers. We spend a lot of time looking for local bloggers who have been documenting street food or indigenous specialties around the city or town for a while. The producers freaked out halfway through the process when many of us were gone and those of us who were left weren’t meeting their goals. Unlike the people who’d be buying this “program” at home, we had actual trainers and wranglers to ensure that we were always on the brink of starvation, exercising like Conan the Barbarian at his slave wheel, and pooping like a family of four. Besides, there are charts consisting statistical data to scale your vertical progress with accordance to your age and weight. Your health on the whole, the Oakley Sunglasses Outlet environment you live in, and the age, when your parents struck the pubertal age are variables that must be considered.. Driving off that right leg. Rotating around. When its all said in done, the job is keeping the quarterback up right, so taking Michigan State offensive tackle Jack Conklin at ten makes cheap jordans sense. Conklin http://www.cheap-nfl-nike-jerseys.com has all the intangibles to be a special tackle but he lacks the quickness to recover against edge rushers.. They came up with a premise where Jay and Silent Bob would hilariously cross paths with Pinhead and get sent to their own personal hell a rehab clinic. People would get torn to bloody shreds around them while Jay spat out gibberish and Silent Bob vigorously nodded and bugged his eyes like a cartoon character.. So the yield realized was not 24.95% for long. But even at the reduced payout, a yield on cost of 14.68% has been achieved, not over decades, but from day one.. ISIS cheap oakleys has in part succeeded at taking over the local economies because the people of Iraq and Syria are simply disgusted with the rampant government corruption they’ve witnessed, said Brian Katulis, a senior fellow at the left leaning Center for American Progress. That’s why, he said, President oakley sunglasses outlet Obama has pledged his support to Iraq’s new government..


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Rob Hermanns

Rosweydelaan 10

3454 BN de Meern



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Newton threw a bad interception on his first throw, then misread a few plays on the next drive. After that, though, the reigning MVP was brilliant. If he was out and about, I wouldn’t dare on my life let him talk to me like that.”Those words would never come out of his mouth. I promise. Its Game Rewind application for Apple and Android tablets gives subscribers on demand access to all 256 regular season games and 10 playoff games after they have been televised. Subscribers who pay an annual fee of as much as wholesale jerseys china $70 also can watch condensed games from kickoff to final whistle, without commercials or game delays. So usually, the http://www.cheapnfljerseysx.com ball goes very wobbly, and so you can see, like, it’s not really even, it’s not really round, and then if I do that with a three star ball, it usually goes more even, so it’s a better ball. And so basically, when the ball is touching the table with a one star ball it’s, the ball can go here and here sometimes. Total company advertising revenues were up 10%, and affiliate and subscription fees were up 15%. So healthy underlying growth continues. Go straight in to a candle. Nice and tight all the way through. Major Storyline: Why does it feel like the Red Wings have a great shot here? Logically speaking I can’t think of why the Wings would win this series Matt; they were 11 in goal differential, all their best players are now older than Super Parka and they only got into the playoffs because the Boston Bruins were too busy doing wholesale football jerseys china what the Boston Bruins do best. And yet I just have a funny feeling the Wings are going to be a huge problem for the Lightning here. Top colleges who displayed an interest in Randy fake oakleys were Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Florida State University. Lou Holtz of Notre Dame said that “Randy Moss was the best high school football player he had ever seen”. A vertical bar on the right indicates the smallest overlapping deletion. Open square = retention of both alleles without allelic imbalance; filled square = loss of heterozygosity; no square = homozygous loci.Full figure and legend (81K)Figure 2.Small interstitial deletion of approximately 0.7 cM genetic distance in TCC 1221 Notice the loss of heterozygosity at locus AFM322ZH9 and retention of constitutional heterozygosity without allelic Replica ray bans imbalance at flanking loci D8S504 and D8S264. Cholesterol, the waxy substance that circulates in our bloodstream plays a crucial role in the production of Fake ray ban Sunglasses sale DHEA. The body uses cholesterol to make pregnenolone, which is often referred to as the mother of href=”http://cheapjerseysupply.com/” target=”_blank”>cheap jerseys all steroid hormones. It also lowered guidance for the next quarter due to the weak economy in Europe. This company is well managed by CEO Howard Schultz, and when the global economy rebounds, Starbucks appears poised for higher growth..

On Stage Within Temptation

Total view edit

08-7-9 Athene best veel volk edit Ruud edit Drum and Keys edit

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